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Due to new COVID restrictions of "no social gatherings outside the home" we are cancelling all drop in stations at the Midtown Global Market. Please stay safe and explore all the virtual events during the fair on the top menu bar at

Thank you to the Midtown Global Market for all your support around planning this event and please support the market vendors by buying gift cards or ordering take out.

Meet our Presenters

Self Care Series 

Nov 19 - Create your own nature mandala art at home with found nature items.

Nov 20 - Moving Mindfully as a Family with Kathy Flaminio, MoveMindfully

Nov 21 - Meditation 101 with Freeman Wicklund, The Boundless Love Project

Nov 22 - Winding Down with Kathy Flaminio, MoveMindfully

Holiday Cooking 

Nov 19 - Vegan Garden Gumbo with Lachelle Cunningham, Healthy Roots Institute

Nov 20 - Vegetarian Indian Dish with Shanthi Suresh, Do It Green! Minnesota

Nov 21 - Sweet Potato Comfort Pie as Baketavism with Rose McGee, Sweet Potato Comfort Pie 

Nov 22 - Whipped Cream & Vegetable Scrap Broth with Kim Erickson & Ashley Kennedy, Zero Waste West Metro 

Eco Holidays

Nov 19 - Lavender Bath Salts & Gift Ties with Ami & YaoYao Schakel, Do It Green! Minnesota

Nov 20 - Sustainable Gift Giving with Annika Bergen & Britt Gangeness, MPCA

Nov 21 - Its On powered by Xcel Energy

Nov 22 - Eco Gifts Wrapping Furoshiki with Kristine Kvamme, Do It Green! Minnesota

Eco Fun for the Family

Nov 19 - Harvest Seeds and Package them as Gifts with YaoYao & Ami Schakel, Do It Green! Minnesota

Nov 20 - Pine Cone Bird Feeders with YaoYao & Ami Schakel, Do It Green! Minnesota

Nov 21 - Virtual Forest Fun Run and Scavenger Hunt powered by Xcel Energy

Nov 22 - Storytime with youth readers 6:30-7:00pm & Dance Party with Curio Dance 7:00-7:30pm

Storytime Youth Readers:

Myrtle the Turtle read by Makayla Freeman

Zen Pig: Peaceful Protest read by Bea Martin

You’re Here for a Reason read by Madix Schake

Green Coffee Talk Series 

Sponsored by UW River Falls Online Sustainable Management Programs

Making Sustainability Your Work

Nov 19 from 12:00-1:00pm
with Amanda Goetsch & Angela Whitaker, UW River Falls Online Sustainable Business Programs

Zero Waste Holidays & Beyond

Nov 19 from 6:30-7:30pm
with a panel of zero waste experts: Colleen Hetzel MPCA, Kim Erickson & Ashley Kennedy ZWWM, Kristine Kvamme Do It Green! Minnesota

Cultivating Health & Wellness for You & the Earth

Nov 20 from 6:30-7:30pm
with Unny Nambudiripad, OWL

Breaking Down the Walls of Environmental Apartheid

Nov 21 from 6:30-7:30pm
with a panel of presenters: Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos, Troy Amlee & Divine Islam, Family of Trees 



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